Senior Zonal Coordinator- USI

Job Description

Title: Senior Zonal Coordinator- USI

Company Name: Enroute International Limited

Vacancy: Not specific

Job Location: Dhaka

Employment Status: Contractual

Educational Requirements:
∎ Professional degree (Master of Science is preferable) in Food Technology, Food Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Nutrition from a recognized University is essential;

Job Context:
∎ Organization: Nutrition International (A leading international NGO that works in the field of nutrition)
∎ Employment Status: Contractual (Initially 1 year)
∎ Background: Nutrition International (NI) supports the Government of Bangladesh`s policy on universal salt iodization (USI) and strengthens capacity to facilitate production of adequately iodized edible salt. Since 2006, NI is providing technical support to the salt mills, onsite training of the personnel on salt iodization plants (SIP) operation, supporting and strengthening the quality control system, NI has deployed Zonal Coordinators with the required technical knowledge and expertise on SIP operation at zonal levels. Further, NI, Bangladesh will hire a Senior Zonal Coordinator-USI program based in Dhaka who will be responsible to properly execute the USI activities in Dhaka and Chandpur Zones. This position will provide necessary support to BSCIC head office through coordination with other zones and compilation of zonal reports. This position will closely work with BSCIC and ensure regular updating of data in Bangladesh Salt Industries Information System (BSIIS). S/he will liaison and maintain functional relationship with BSCIC head office and coordinate with NI, Bangladesh Office including all other Zonal Coordinators based in salt processing zones around the country.
∎ Objectives:
∎ Overall objective of NI`s salt iodization program activities in Bangladesh is to support the Government of Bangladesh`s policy on universal salt iodization program and strengthen capacity to ensure that all edible salt is adequately iodized. Senior Zonal Coordinator will support the Program Officer (PO), Fortification to properly execute the USI program activities at Dhaka and Chandpur Zones. The broad functions of the position are as follows:
∎ Support BSCIC with QA/QC, monitoring, production tracking, reporting and data collation for effective implementation of the Control of Iodine deficiency Disorders (CIDD) project;
∎ Facilitate quality control and quality assurance for production of iodized salt and capacity building, advocacy, training, and motivation to the salt processors of Dhaka and Chandpur Zone;
∎ Support BSCIC head office to ensure reviewing and updating the zonal monitoring data for iodine content of salt, production of iodized and non-iodized salt by month, utilization of potassium iodate into the BSIIS for all salt processing zones on a regular basis.

Job Responsibilities:
∎ A. Support BSCIC with monitoring, production tracking and reporting for effective implementation of the CIDD project:
∎ Support BSCIC officials in developing different tables, charts, graphs etc. by using the data from BSIIS software as and when required for different meeting and workshops and necessary decision making;
∎ Support BSCIC to plan and execute meeting, training and workshop related to USI program;
∎ Provide feedback to the BSCIC officials on the process and quality of iodized salt on a regular basis;
∎ Follow up with all zonal offices for any periodic or emergency reports as required by BSCIC;
∎ Coordinate and communicate with all other Zonal Coordinators with updated information/ instruction from BSCIC with support from Program Officer, NI Country Office;
∎ Support BSCIC to keep regularly updating the BSIIS software and ensure data accuracy by effective cross checking of the field data.
∎ B. Technical and operational support to SIPs and salt millers located in Dhaka and Chandpur zone:
∎ Preparation of monthly inspection plan in consultation with the mill owners and the BSCIC staff for visiting salt mills of Dhaka and Chandpur Zone and during his/ her field visit s/he will ensure the following aspects.
∎ Be the first point of contact for troubleshooting and maintain records of such troubleshooting operations, including the date of complaint, the nature of complaint, action taken by the Zonal Coordinators -USI. Also, suggest corrective measures and immediately implement in case of any noted discrepancy.
∎ Calibrate and check iodate dosing pump/ centrifugal pump for delivering measured quantities of solution after collection of salt samples for testing and whenever it is required;
∎ Verify data log books maintained by the plant personnel and recommend suggestions for its necessary improvement;
∎ Along with the BSCIC Officers, inspectors and relevant staff, visit salt mills and generate inspection reports of SIP validation, registration, renewal, ownership change etc.;
∎ Orient owners, managers, operators, and assistants of the selected Salt Iodization Plant (SIP) regularly on the operations of the SIP. In addition, from imparting technical skills, also include motivational aspects whereby the personnel are motivated to use the SIP. Also, orient mill personnel in maintaining proper logbooks recording of production of iodized/non iodized salt, potassium iodate procurement and utilization.
∎ C. Facilitate quality control and quality assurance under Dhaka and Chandpur Zone:
∎ Facilitate the effective use of Zonal CIDD salt testing laboratories to ascertain the iodine content in salt;
∎ For external validation, collect sample no. 1 from the first visit and sample no. 4 from the second visit and send those to the IPHN at the end of every month;
∎ Facilitate the BSCIC (CIDD) laboratory personnel to test minimum 06 salt samples from each operational mill at CIDD project Zonal salt testing laboratories and the results are recorded in registers maintained at CIDD project laboratories;
∎ Establish the Levy Jennings plot as a part of the internal quality assurance of salt iodine estimation in CIDD laboratory;
∎ Facilitate BSCIC CIDD staff to provide training to the private laboratory technicians at CIDD laboratories or miller's own premises and help in sourcing of laboratory equipment, chemicals for private millers.
∎ Deliverables:
∎ Submit monthly reports on the tasks performed, targets achieved along with suggestions / recommendations for further improvement;
∎ Submit monthly monitoring report of Dhaka and Chandpur Zone;
∎ Compilation of all zonal USI data and submit to BSCIC and NI Country Office by 10th of the subsequent month.

Additional Requirements:
∎ Experience of working in food industries/ private sectors with nutrition related knowledge is required;
∎ Relevant professionals' qualification and minimum 05 years of working experience is essential;
∎ Relevant Computer application and literacy is a must.
∎ Network and can negotiate effectively with the Govt. and wide range of stakeholders to achieve the objectives is desirable;
∎ Strong leadership and personal interpersonal skills and ability to work independently and generate innovation will be given preference.

∎ Monthly gross salary for this position is BDT 75,000.

Compensation & Other Benefits:
∎ Travel and other expenses will be provided in addition.
∎ Eligible for Festival Bonus, PF, Gratuity & Insurance as per company policy.

Job Source: Online Job Posting.

Application Deadline: 7 Aug 2021

Company Information:
∎ 27 Jul 2021
∎ Enroute International Limited
∎ Business : A leading consulting firm with certified and an experienced business team working closely with national and international strategic partners. emc is unique to provide a complete solution through managing business growth.

Category: NGO/Development