Modhumoti Bank Limited

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Open Positions

Officer-Agent Support - Agent Banking: (AO-OFF)

Officer-Settlement & Dispute Resolution - Agent Banking: (EO-SEO)

Manager-Regional Sales - Agent Banking: (PO-FAVP)

Manager-Product & Project Development - Agent Banking: (EO-SEO)

Head of Business Development - Agent Banking: (FAVP-AVP)

Officer-Agent Banking System Development & IT Support - Agent Banking: (OFF-EO)

Branch Manager/ Manager Operations (EO-FAVP)

Investment/Portfolio Manager - Treasury Front Office (EO-PO)

Money Market Settlement, Treasury Back Office (Officer - SEO)

FX Settlement, Treasury Back Office (Officer - SEO)

International Division (AVP - VP)

Officer – AML & CFT (Off-EO)

Branch Manager (SEO - AVP)

In-charge/ Officer - Trade Services (Officer-PO)

Officer - Credit (EO-PO)

Officer - Teller Services (AO-EO)

Branch Manager (PO-AVP)

Manager Operations (SEO-FAVP)

Officer - General Banking (Officer-SEO)

Manager - NRB Business, ID (PO – AVP)

Database Administrator (PO-FAVP)

Network Administrator (PO-FAVP)

Manager - Brand Communication & Public Relations (PO-FAVP)

Officer -Information Security and IS Audit Compliance (SEO-FAVP)

Officer - Correspondent Banking (PO - FAVP)

In-charge/ Officer - Credit (SEO-FAVP)

Manager Operations (SEO-FAVP)

Branch Manager (PO-FAVP)

Branch Manager (FVP-VP)

Officer-Finance & Accounts (EO-PO)

Officer-Audit/Monitoring/Compliance (EO-PO)

Officer-Offshore Banking Unit (Off–EO)

Officer-Retail Banking (Off–PO)

Head of Cards Business (AVP-VP)

In-charge-RMG (AVP-VP)

Project Engineer

Personal Secretary, MD's Secretariat (Off-EO)

Head of Loan Recovery (FVP-VP)

Head of Anti Money Laundering (VP-SVP)