Robintex Group

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Open Positions

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Sr. Web Developer (MEAN)

Vice President - Accounts & Finance Department

IE Co-Ordinator Cutting- Industrial Engineering

Messenger/Delivery Man

Manager (H&M GPQ - Fabric)

Operation Manager - Industrial Engineering

Fashion Designer

Head of Knitting

Sr. Executive Officer - Costing & Budget

Senior Executive Officer - Audit

Assistant Vice President - Head of Audit

Assistant Vice President - Head of Cost & Budget

Store Officer

Store Manager

Production Officer (Knitting)

Knitting Manager

Head of Store

Head of Knitting

Sr. Executive/Executive (Administration)

Manager/Deputy Manager - Administration

Executive / Senior Executive - HR Services

Deputy Manager - Training & Development

Manager - Compensation & Benefits

Manager - Talent Acquisition & Performance Management

Vice President (Knitting)

Vice President (Dyeing)

Vice President (All Over Print)

Jr. Vice President (Sample Fabric)

Jr. Vice President (Mechanical Engineer)

Jr. Vice President (GPQ)

Jr. Vice President (Civil Engineering)

General Manager (Head of Admin & HR)

R & D (Fabric)

Vice President - Accounts & Finance Department

Jr. Vice President - Accounts & Finance Department

Work Study Officer - IE & Planning Department

Garments Analyzer - IE & Planning Department

Sr. Manager - Sewing Department

Executive Officer - Compliance Department

Digital Printing Professional (Manager)

Head of Cutting

Head of Quality

Sr. Manager - Quality Department

Sr. Manager - Production Department

Sr. Manager - Finishing Department

Senior Executive - Merchandising

Manager - RQS/GPQ

Accounts Officer