Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Consultant

Job Description

Title: Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Consultant

Company Name: JICA

Vacancy: 1

Job Location: Dhaka

Employment Status: Contractual

Educational Requirements:

Experience Requirements:
∎ At least 4 year(s)

Job Context:
∎ The Project for Strengthening Health Care Systems for Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases, implemented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and supported by JICA, is aimed at improving quality of essential NCD prevention and care services in rural and urban areas in Bangladesh.
∎ Workplace Dhaka (with visit to Comilla, Cox`s Bazar and Narsingdi as part of business trip).

Job Responsibilities:
∎ The consultant shall perform services for the following purposes as a technical consultant on NCDs for Output 1 of the Project Design Matrix.
∎ Output 1: The NCDs management model for implementing quality NCDs preventions and control measures in communities is optimized.
∎ Activities planned under Output 1 are:
∎ To investigate and analyse the implementation status and problems of the NCDs management model in health facilities that have already introduced the model, as well as the preparation status for the introduction of the model and the current status and challenges concerning NCDs prevention and control activities in communities in those that have not yet introduced it.
∎ To establish a Management Team of project implementation departments of the MOHFW and relevant internal and external organizations engaged in NCDs prevention and control, and to hold regular meetings for technical information sharing, liaison and coordination, as well as organization of joint seminars, study tours etc.
∎ To provide health facilities that have introduced the NCDs management model with follow-up trainings as well as those that have not yet introduced it with introduction trainings, on the basis of the results of the analysis in the Activity 1-1.
∎ To develop action plans, at the initiative of the Operational Plan(OP)-NCDC, to address the challenges of NCDs prevention and control activities in health facilities that already implementing the NCD management model.
∎ To review and revise (if needed) the NCDs management model on the basis of monitoring and evaluation of the Action Plan.
∎ To finalize the revised NCDs management model (including each of its components) by applying it to health facilities that have not yet adopted it from time to time and evaluate it.
∎ To initiate effective discussions with relevant authorities of the MOHFW on the endorsement of the final version of NCDs management model as well as its nationwide application.
∎ The consultant has responsibilities:
∎ Prepare and coordinate Output 1-related activities.
∎ Facilitate communication and build successful relationships between experts of the Project, counterparts, development partners, other stakeholders, and other project staff.
∎ Promote smooth implementation of the Project by providing technical assistance based on the professional practices and on-site experiences.
∎ Support for the preparation of the project document and preparation for the Joint Coordination Committee Meeting and other related project meetings.
∎ Support and assist with the meetings and conferences related to Project activities.
∎ Participating in the meetings and conferences related Output 1.
∎ Reporting the result of the meetings and conferences.
∎ Formulate suggestions and recommendations to guide necessary actions to be taken for enhancing Project activities of Output 1.
∎ Support and provide technical assistance to DGHS and NCDC office to implement their Operational Plan, and other organizations (such as donors, NGOs, etc.)
∎ Conduct field visits for the monitoring and supervision of NCD services and activities.
∎ Provide technical assistance and coordination with related counterparts to develop advocacy/social mobilization tools.
∎ Support for collection of the data for PDM indicators and any necessary information.
∎ Formulate suggestions and recommendations to guide necessary actions to be taken for enhancing project activities.
∎ Support for management of area project office and activities of area managers.
∎ Report situations on time to Project Director, NCDC officials, and JICA experts.
∎ Support logistic and administrative work if required.
∎ Monthly activity report.
∎ Event report (meeting records, workshop/seminar/training report, etc.)
∎ Another deliverable requested by the project.

Additional Requirements:
∎ At least 4 year(s) for health-related project.
∎ Experiences in working in working on NCDs (Hypertension and Diabetes).
∎ Experiences in working with Ministries and government officials.
∎ Excellent communication, rapport building, and team player.
∎ Good verbal and written communication skills in English and Bangla.
∎ Computer skills (MS Ward, MS Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS, Bangla typing, etc.)

Compensation & Other Benefits:
∎ As per project's provision and organizational policy.

Job Source: Online Job Posting.

Application Deadline: 21 Oct 2023

Company Information:
∎ 21 Sep 2023

Category: NGO/Development