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Open Positions

Deputy Resident Engineer/Resident Engineer - Electrical (Real Estate Division)

Senior Executive/Assistant Manager - Business Development

Deputy Manager/Assistant Manager - Electrical (Foy's Lake Complex)

Deputy Manager/Manager - Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Manager / Deputy Manager - Concrete Block Sales & Marketing

Deputy Manager/Assistant Manager - Management Information System (MIS)

Senior Executive - Marketing

Senior Architect/Deputy Chief Architect (Exterior Design Cell)

Deputy Resident Engineer/ Assistant Resident Engineer - Civil (Construction)

Senior Executive/Assistant Manager (Media Communication & Marketing)

Assistant Manager - Digital Marketing

Deputy Manager/Assistant Manager - Graphic Design (Creative)

Assistant Manager/ Senior Executive (Marketing)

Resident Engineer/Deputy Resident Engineer - Mechanical & Allied Store Division (MASD)

Senior Executive/ Assistant Manager - Food & Beverage

Assistant Engineer - Civil Estimator (Concord Architects & Interior Decor Ltd.)

Deputy General Manager/Assistant General Manager - Operation

Deputy Manager/Assistant Manager - Marketing (Lift Division)

Manager (Internal Audit)

Asst. Manager/ Dy. Manager - Sales & Marketing (Foy's Lake Complex)

Assistant Engineer (Utility & Maintenance)

Assistant Manager/Senior Executive - Real Estate (Sales)

Deputy Manager (Management Information System - MIS)

General Manager - Operation (An Amusement Park)

Plant Manager (Civil Engineering)

Deputy Resident Engineer/Resident Engineer (Electrical)

Assistant Engineer/ Assistant Resident Engineer - Electrical (BOQ & Estimation)

Senior Executive/ Executive (Marketing)

Senior Executive/Executive (Management Information System - MIS)

Executive Store - Real Estate Project

Resort Manager - Operation (Resort Atlantis - Fantasy Kingdom Complex, Dhaka)

Deputy Chief Engineer/Additional Chief Engineer - Civil (Construction Division)

Deputy Manager/Manager - Security

Senior Executive/ Executive - Concrete Block Sales & Marketing

Head of Engineering Service Department (Engineering,Utility and Maintenance)

Senior Manager/ Manager - Operation (Fantasy Kingdom Complex)

Manager/Senior Manager - Food & Beverage (Foy's Lake Complex)

Senior Executive/Assistant Manager - Sales (Ready Mix Concrete - RMC)

Assistant General Manager/ Senior Manager - Concrete Block Product (Corporate & Tender Sales)

Store Officer - Real Estate Project

Junior Engineer/CAD Operator - Structural

Assistant Teacher - Mathematics & Physics (Lake City Concord School)

Executive Director - Civil Engineering (Construction Division)

Chief Engineer/ Additional Chief Engineer - Civil (Construction Division)

Deputy Manager/ Assistant Manager (Marketing)

Executive (Management Information System)

Additional Chief Architect (Interior Design Section)

Junior Programmer/Programmer (MIS/IT)

Executive - Real Estate Sales

Senior Executive/Executive - Concrete Block Sales & Marketing