SEO Content Writer (Contractual-Work from Home)

Job Description

Title: SEO Content Writer (Contractual-Work from Home)

Company Name: Ryans Computers Ltd.

Vacancy: 5

Location: Dhaka

Published: 12 Mar 2024

∎ Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Responsibilities & Context:
∎ Analyze website search data and user behavior to identify missing keywords and phrases.
∎ Conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant terms and phrases related to our website's content and user queries.
∎ Develop a comprehensive keyword mapping strategy to integrate missing keywords into the website's search bar functionality.
∎ Create engaging and informative content to accompany the search results, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

∎ Work from home

Employment Status: Contractual

Job Location: Dhaka

Company Information:
∎ Ryans Computers Ltd.

Read Before Apply: Please apply only who are fulfilling all the requirements of this job

Application Deadline: 11 Apr 2024

Category: Research/Consultancy