Senior House Officer/ Medical Officer (All Medical Discipline)

Job Description

Title: Senior House Officer/ Medical Officer (All Medical Discipline)

Company Name: M. A. Rashid Hospital (Pvt) Ltd, Jamalpur (Managed by United Hospital)

Vacancy: Not specific

Job Location: Jamalpur (Jamalpur Sadar)

Employment Status: Full-time

Educational Requirements:
∎ Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS)

Job Responsibilities:
∎ Senior House Officer (SHO) shall be first 'on call' for all emergency calls. He/She will ensure effective telephone contact. For further advice, SHOs will contact Specialist. When a SHO is called to ER to see a patient, he/she should inform the Specialist/Consultant about the case. If the SHO feels it necessary, he/she should request the Specialist/Consultant to come to the ER to see the patient.
∎ Before deciding about the admission of the patient, the SHO must consult the Specialist/ Consultant over telephone and should get appropriate advice.
∎ S/he will receive the patients when admitted from emergency or OPD, take history, assess the patient clinically and reach provisional diagnosis and will initiate measures such as IV canula oxygen inhalation etc. Upon advice from the seniors, arrange necessary investigations and treatment.
∎ SHOs shall see a patient within half an hour after his/her admission to the hospital
∎ S/he shall write/ record history, clinical examinations and initial management meticulously in 'the clinical notes' of the patient's confidential file.
∎ SHO shall not initiate or discontinue any treatment without prior consultation with the Consultant except in acute emergency situation where he/she shall use his/her clinical judgment. In this case he/she should immediately contact his/her seniors for further appropriate measures.
∎ If necessary, inform Specialist(2nd on call) for advice regarding emergency patients
∎ SHOs shall make early morning round before the arrival of Consultant and his formal morning round and write detailed clinical notes in each patient's confidential file with date and time. During this round, he/she has to present all cases admitted overnight along with other patients.
∎ In the evening (between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm) the SHOs will visit all in door patients, with or without the Consultant as the case be, to ascertain the development during the day, and brief the Consultant about the clinical status of the patients along with the results of investigations ordered/ received until that time and record those in the patient's confidential file with date and time.
∎ SHOs shall see a patient within half an hour after his/ her admission to the hospital
∎ in case of specific urgent investigations ordered for any serious patient during the morning rounds, SHOs will not wait for normal routine procedures adopted to carry out those investigations. He/she has to take personal initiative, if necessary, by accompanying the patient to the respective department (Radiology or Laboratory) to make sure that these investigations are done within the shortest possible time and inform the Consultant about the results. Obviously these results have a tremendous impact on the patient management plan.
∎ If necessary, SHO would help ER Medical Officer at the ER for any patients.
∎ During the routine and emergency surgical operative procedures, (applicable for Surgery) SHOs should be present in the theater and assist the Consultant and after operations should write all clinical notes (operation notes, post-operative orders, lab/histopathology requests etc) following the instruction of the Consultant.
∎ If the Consultant needs, SHO will help the Consultant at the OPD consultation room.
∎ SHOs shall accompany the Consultant during Morning Rounds and brief him about the condition of the patient and report him the results of all investigations ordered/received until that time and record those in the patient's confidential file with date and time.
∎ For inter departmental referral, SHO will take the initiative and talk to the SHO of the department which made the referral. Then the SHO will go immediately to see the patient there and report to his/ her Consultant. Then the Consultant would take appropriate measures. Similarly if a patient is referred to other department then the SHO will also take the initiative to contact the SHO of the other department and make sure that the Consultant/Specialist of that department visits the patient at the earliest available time. This would be applicable for all time: whether it is office hours or out of office hours.
∎ To prepare discharge summary very meticulously following the standard format and to get that duly signed by the consultant.
∎ SHOs shall participate in activities/ lectures/ courses / talks organised by the hospital
∎ which shall have bearing during annual appraisal.
∎ SHOs shall work with nurses seamlessly
∎ SHOs shall not behave or act in such a manner that will hurt the feelings of a patient/ attendants, etc.
∎ SHOs must show exemplary manners to patients, colleagues, superiors, nurses and all staff of the hospital.
∎ All SHOs shall perform/ carry out any other instruction which may be issued from time to time by the hospital management/department

Additional Requirements:
∎ Both males and females are allowed to apply
∎ Skills Required: Ability to Work under Pressure, Computer skill, Customer Relation, good communication skill, team work.

Salary: Negotiable

Job Source: Online Job Posting.

Application Deadline: 4 May 2021

Company Information:
∎ 4 Apr 2021
∎ M. A. Rashid Hospital (Pvt) Ltd, Jamalpur (Managed by United Hospital)
∎ Address : 1072, Sardar Para, Jamalpur.
∎ Business : M A Rashid Hospital, Jamalpur (Managed by United Hospital Limited, Gulshan, Dhaka)

Category: Medical/Pharma