Doctor (U.A.E)

Job Description

Title: Doctor (U.A.E)

Company Name: Work4u Consultancy Ltd.

Vacancy: Not specific

Job Location: United Arab Emirates

Employment Status: Full-time

Educational Requirements:
∎ Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS)
∎ If you have MBBS degree your position will be General Physician
∎ NB : After internship 2 years clinical experience is mandatory for General Physician .
∎ If you have Higher degree like FCPS or MS or MD or MRCP your position will be Specialist.
∎ NB : After FCPS or MS OR MD or MRCP degree minimum 3 years experience is mandatory for specialist Position. But if you have less then 3 years experience your position will be associate specialist. After completing 3 years of experience you can apply for a Specialist license.
∎ NB : If you have Diploma It is acceptable but your designation will be " GP Specialist ". Your duty will be only into your respective department. For example, if you have Diploma in child health (DCH) then your duty will be only to the pediatrics department. And of course, the salary will be very higher minimum starting salary is 3 lacs +other facilities.

Experience Requirements:
∎ At least 2 year(s)

Job Context:
∎ Job is in U.A.E private clinic.
∎ To get the Job offer You must have to Achieve the practicing License For United Arab Emirates(U.A.E) .we can arrange it from Bangladesh.
∎ There are 3 steps to get the Licensee
∎ STEP 1 : Primary source verification ( PSV ) mandatory as part of the initial application review. If you are interested in moving to the MiddleEast, it is highly recommended to complete your Primary source verification ( PSV ) . So your First step will be Complete PSV. We will arrange it .
∎ STEP 2 : You have to pass the Licencing exam .The Exam will held in Bangladesh . We will give you guidebook and online question bank. If you follow that you will pass for sure.
∎ STEP 3 : After passing exam you will get the License registration .
∎ STEP 4 : After getting License number you are entitled to get the Job
∎ NB : Be noted that without Licensing it`s not possible to arrange job in U.A.E
∎ For UAE Full Licencing will be completed from Bangladesh.
∎ Any questions : 01718833391 email : [email protected]
∎ To know the details and update latest job offer please join our facebook group
∎ web :

Job Responsibilities:
∎ It's a private clinic job .
∎ We are also capable to complete your Saudi Medical Licensing / OMAN Medical Licensing
∎ Any questions : 01718833391. email : [email protected]

Additional Requirements:
∎ If you have MBBS degree you will treat as General practitioner ( GP)
∎ If you have MBBS+ Diploma Degree You will treat as a Specialized General Practitioner( SGP)
∎ If you have MBBS+ FCPS/MS/MD/MRCP you will treat as a Specialist
∎ You have to pass the exam for registration.We will arrange exam registration and exam for you.Exam will held in Dhaka. you don't need to go U.A.E for exam.
∎ For MBBS degree holder ( GP) we will provide you the Books for passing exam .
∎ Not only books we will also provide you the previous 5 years exam questions bank online access .you can study it and practice exam through mobile apps .
∎ For, MS/MD/FCPS/MRCP degree holder we will provide you the previous 5 years exam
∎ questions based on your specialization.You can practice and exam test your specialization area through that online access from your mobile apps.
∎ We hope you will pass the exam if you study that book and practice those previous questions set.
∎ NB : This advertisement is for them who wants to go to UAE but need a guideline .
∎ who don't have the courage to pass the exam please don't apply will be totally waste of your time and money.
∎ NB : The candidate who knows the procedure better than us please do it by yourself no need to call us or send us the email. we hope you will fully understand the matter.
∎ NB : Be noted that we are not Volunteer organization or Charity worker so that we will provide you the service fully free of cost.

Salary: Negotiable

Compensation & Other Benefits:
∎ Insurance, Over time allowance
∎ Free accommodation.
∎ Accommodation will be provide by Hospital free of cost .
∎ transport will also provide by hospital free of cost.
∎ You can take your family with you.

Job Source:

Application Deadline: 1 May 2021

Company Information:
∎ 1 Apr 2021
∎ Work4u Consultancy Ltd.
∎ Address : work4u Consultancy Ta-131 .Wakil Tower (Lift # 6 , shuru campus) . Gulshan - Badda Link Road ,Gulshan, Dhaka-1212 .Contact: 01718833391
∎ Web :
∎ Business : We are the consulting firm for Overseas Job placement / Study and immigration at AUSTRALIA / MALDIVES/ CHINA /UAE/CROATIA/PORTUGAL. to know more about our latest news join our Facebook group

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