Job Description

Title: Consultant

Company Name: Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB)

Vacancy: Not specific

Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh

Employment Status: Full-time

Experience Requirements:
∎ At least 10 year(s)

Job Context:
∎ Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) Programme includes maternal health (Obstetric Fistula, MPDSR), family planning, cervical cancer, HIV/STI, and Health sector response to Gender Based Violence (HGBV). Additionally, it is intimately linked with cross-cutting issues of climate change, pollution, gender and social protection. In a district, to plan, manage, monitor and measure the results of SRHR programme, there is a need for a dedicated District SRHR Team (DST), headed by an SRHR Managers (SM) with a basic support system. Most importantly, there is a need for a tool, a District SRHR Primer, to guide, track and measure the work of the DST, without which staying focused, being result oriented and bringing specificity to their (DST) work is difficult. Investing is establishing a DST across the country needs a strong system to demonstrate its specific and valid contribution in improving the SRHR health of the district.
∎ With this vision, under the leadership of DGHS, MOHFW, UNFPA Bangladesh employed multiple District SRHR Officers (DSO) and Field Officers (FO) in UNFPA supported districts. Working directly under the Civil Surgeons of the districts, they support the district health system in improving the delivery of evidence-based high quality SRHR services. UNFPA, through government and various other Implementing Partners (IPs) is supporting various districts in improving their SRHR program. While the work of both DSOs and FOs and UNFPA IPs in the districts has contributed to the improvement of SRHR service delivery, the current system is weak in quantifying their work and demonstrating their contribution in improving the district SRHR program.
∎ Purpose of the Consultancy: Development of a web-based and mobile-based IT Platform - App to plan, track and measure district SRHR activities.
∎ UNFPA Bangladesh has developed a paper paper-based tool for filling this gap. The paper based system is called District SRHR Primer (DSP) and essentially is a booklet of a basic minimum set of activities categorized by different programs of SRHR to be performed by the DSOs, FOs and UNFPA IPs in the districts. The usage of this Primer will help in standardizing implementation of SRHR activities and their recording and reporting. For the Primer to be effectively used and help in proper reporting, recording and monitoring, the launch of the Primer use will be preceded by developing Annual District SRHR Plans (ADSP) in all intervention districts, for which the templates have been developed.
∎ This consultancy is being hired to convert this paper-based system into a simple, user-friendly IT system / Application that they will build and operate for the duration of the project alongside building the capacity of UNFPA and MoH&FW for future takeover. This application should directly link the activities and indicators in the Primer with SRHR program-specific DHIS-2 and National FP MIS outputs and outcomes, thereby clearly demonstrating the impact/ contribution of DSOs, FOs and IPs in improving district SRHR program.
∎ It is hoped that this standardized District SRHR Package, the District SRHR Primer (DSP), has the potential for rapid nationwide scale-up and contributing dramatically to improving comprehensive SRHR program performance in the districts.

Job Responsibilities:
∎ I. Working under the direct supervision of the Technical Director of the CIPRB and the Focal Person of UNFPA for this project and the overall guidance of the Chief of Health, UNFPA, the consultant will be responsible for converting the DSP and the ADSP Template into an IT Application with GIS facility and interoperability/linkage with the national HMIS, viz., DHIS-2 and FP-MIS.
∎ II. They will be providing all necessary support to the managers and the end users of this Application to demonstrate its usability and benefits.
∎ a. The support will include but not be limited to converting the paper-based Primer into IT Application (preferably android-based application), developing training and user module for the App for both managers and the end users, training, handholding during the time of the consultancy, customization of the Apps based on field testing and user experience and carrying out a range of analyses and report generation.
∎ b. The primer comprises of separate district planning and the activity templates. Both templates have to be converted into the IT Application and the planning template will have to be linked with the activity templates that will provide the denominator for different activities.
∎ c. With the denominators auto-populated through the linked planning templates, the users will report on a monthly basis against the activities to generate cumulative percentage achievement against the annual target (the denominator). This will help to generate the dashboard.
∎ d. Generating monthly/yearly and need-based periodical web-based dashboard.
∎ e. Generate GIS analytics / Dashboard.
∎ f. Each activity under the activity template of the Primer will be linked with the relevant DHIS-2 and / or FP-MIS to show the contribution of the DSOs, FOs, and the IPs in the progress of the SRHR programme, captured by the linked DHIS-2 and FP-MIS data elements / indicators.
∎ g. The scale of the project is nationwide, covering all 64 districts in the country. In the first phase the project will cover maximum 30 districts. However, the capability of the Apps must be to handle all the districts.
∎ h. Provide support for troubleshooting of the app
∎ i. Provide a quarterly virtual/ in-person sharing update on the functionality of the apps with the CIPRB and UNFPA
∎ III. For the seamless development, launch and operability of this App it is expected the consultant to provide minimum two full time technical experts with software and network development and maintenance expertise to be based in the project office of the IP with a direct access with the UNFPA Focal Person and the Chief of Health, UNFPA.
∎ IV. As per the need, the consultant should be willing to come to UNFPA Offices for discussion, demonstration, meetings and reviews vis-à-vis this project.
∎ V. During the training, launch and usage of the App in the districts, the agency should be able to deploy more technical persons to provide needed support for the purpose.
∎ VI. Provide SLA support to other applications like Ma-Jaan and Komlaphul Pharmacies
∎ 4. Timeline: Initially nine months with the possibility of extension based on performance and availability of fund
∎ 5. Deliverables: Phase by phase source code delivery and server access to CIPRB IT team for review and testing purposes. This will help ensure that the code adheres to coding conventions, is consistent with project requirements, and meets quality standards. The code review and testing should be conducted by CIPRB IT team at regular intervals during the project timeline to identify and resolve any issues early on. The testing phase should also include user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure that the apps and dashboard are functioning as intended and meeting user needs. After each testing phase, the updated source code should be delivered to CIPRB IT team along with documentation outlining any changes made. This will help ensure that the project stays on track and that any issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner.
∎ Detailed Plan of Action with timelines as per the tasks identified above
∎ The Apps: The training module of the Apps
∎ User guideline both paper and digital format) with pictorial description for both the end user and the managers for both the (mobile) applications and the dashboard.
∎ Monthly progress report
∎ A web-based dashboard for customizing both the application, visualize the data and export the data for further analysis including generating monthly and periodic report
∎ Annual report
∎ Power point presentations of the above and as needed
∎ Transferring knowledge of use, maintenance and dashboard capability to identified UNFPA colleagues (from SRHR, IT and M&E units) and DGHS (and preferably M&E unit of MoHFW - it is expected that by the end of the project, there should be a complete in house capacity to maintain and manage the App)
∎ 6. Required expertise, qualifications, and competencies, including language requirements
∎ More than 10-year experience in developing health planning and monitoring IT application (mobile and laptop/desktop based).
∎ Experience of working with government systems and especially Ministry of Health and its directorates.
∎ The agency to have a team lead - a seasoned IT professional with a recognized post graduate level qualification in software development, app development and computing.
∎ The team to have at least one expert on network and data maintenance and presentation, one on public health and one with M&E skills (data quality, analytics and its dissemination), with experience of working in public health.
∎ 7. Intellectual Property
∎ All information pertaining to this project belonging to CIPRB and UNFPA Bangladesh, which the service provider may come into contact within the performance of his/her duties under this consultancy shall remain the property of CIPRB and UNFPA who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever form without written permission of the CIPRB
∎ 8. Disclaimer
∎ CIPRB reserves the right to:
∎ 1. Determine the structure, and timeline of the process
∎ 2. Number of short-listed participants
∎ 3. The right to withdraw from the proposal process
∎ 4. Change this timetable at any time without notice
∎ 5. Withdraw this tender at any time, without prior notice and without liability to compensate and/or reimburse any party.
∎ 9. Payment Method
∎ Payment will be made upon receipt and approval of deliverables by CIPRB

Additional Requirements:
∎ Technical Proposal:
∎ • Maximum 03 pages Firm profile highlighting related assignment completed with client name, contact person and mobile number in PDF
∎ • Lead consultants and team members Maximum 02 pages CV highlighting related assignment completed, role in of the completed assignment.
∎ • Relevant Documents- Firm's Certificate, TIN and VAT registration, Bank account no (for organization)
∎ Financial proposal:
∎ • Providers need to provide a financial offer that should include all necessary VAT/Tax as per Bangladesh Government regulation.
∎ All payments will be through bank transfer.
∎ 11. Award of the work
∎ From the time of proposal submission, if the selected consultant(s)/firm wishes to contact CIPRB on any matter related to the proposal, it should do so in writing. Any effort by the organization/organizations to influence CIPRB in the evaluation, proposal comparison, or contract award decisions may result in the rejection of the proposal.
∎ The contract will be awarded to organizations following the completion of all evaluations including negotiations if necessary.
∎ The selected consultant(s)/organization is expected to commence the assignment promptly.
∎ Information related to the evaluation of proposals and recommendations concerning awards shall not be disclosed to the organization/organizations that submitted the proposals or to other persons not officially concerned with the process until the finally selected organization/organizations have been awarded the contract.

Job Source: Online Job Posting.

Application Deadline: 30 Mar 2023

Company Information:
∎ 28 Mar 2023
∎ Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB)
∎ Address : House-B-162, Road-23, New DOHS, Mohakahali, Dhaka -1206, Bangladesh.
∎ Web :
∎ Business : Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB) is one of the leading organizations dedicated to public health research in Bangladesh.

Category: NGO/Development


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