Software Engineer (Senior Level)

Job Description

Title: Software Engineer (Senior Level)

Company Name: NewsCred Ltd.

Vacancy: Not specific

Job Location: Dhaka

Employment Status: Full-time

Job Responsibilities:
∎ The Stack: We are agnostic about technology stacks and programming languages, but in case you are interested, here is the tech stack that we currently use:
∎ Python, Django, Flask, Celery
∎ JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, TypeScript
∎ MySQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ
∎ Redis, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark
∎ Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, ELK, Grafana
∎ Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud

Additional Requirements:
∎ Strong problem solving and coding skills are essential
∎ Impeccable English communication skills (ability to communicate technical stats)
∎ Development experience in any of the following: Python, Django, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS
∎ Optimizes database for high availability and better query performance
∎ Designing and developing highly available and scalable backend systems
∎ Closely working with DevOps and Business Intelligence team to improve system services, DevOps tasks, setting up automation, monitoring and generating reporting as well
∎ Experience with software engineering best practices (testing, code reviews, clean code)
∎ Experience with REST, SOA, microservices-based architecture is a plus
∎ Experience with distributed systems, non-relational database, and search engines is a plus
∎ Experience with automated testing and continuous deployment
∎ Comfortable working in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
∎ Create an engineering culture which encourages growth
∎ Guide teams to build a scalable system architecture
∎ Coach engineers on best practices for writing maintainable code and system design
∎ Conduct regular one-on-one with engineers and guide them to achieve their career goals
∎ Experience with working with teams across offshore offices is an added advantage
∎ Able to accommodate New York meeting times

Application Deadline: 30 Oct 2020

Company Information:
∎ 1 Oct 2020
∎ NewsCred Ltd.
∎ Business : NewsCred is a global media company focused on building technology and content solutions for large publishers around the world.
NewsCred has been featured in many prominent newspapers such as the BBC, Businessweek and The New York Times. NewsCred is based out of New York, USA and is now growing it`s talented engineering team in Dhaka.

Category: IT/Telecommunication