Waste Zone Operator (Cleaner)

Job Description

Title: Waste Zone Operator (Cleaner)

Company Name: E-Zone HRM Limited

Vacancy: 21

Job Location: Cox's Bazar

Employment Status: Contractual

Educational Requirements:
∎ Primary school level

Job Context:
∎ E-Zone HRM Limited is now accepting applications from Bangladeshi Nationals for the following vacancies under third party outsourcing contract modality:
∎ Duty Station: Upazila Health Complexes under Cox`s Bazar
∎ Contract Duration: 9 months - until 30 June 2024 (with possibility of extension)
∎ Contract Type: Special Agreement with E-Zone
∎ Contract Start Date: 1 Oct 2023
∎ Supervisor for this position: First line supervisor: Health Care Waste Management (HCWM) Supervisor, Second line supervisor: UH&FPO.
∎ Standard function description: Provide cleaning and housekeeping services at the waste management and processing zone of the assigned Upazila Health Complex.

Job Responsibilities:
∎ Collect the waste and replace the bio-hazard liners/bags from different wards and departments/units of the Upazila Health Complex when they are three-fourth full or when required.
∎ Replace the different color-coded waste bins according to the directives of the authority and encourage the compliance.
∎ Clean and disinfect the different color-coded waste bins with chlorine solutions as per the SOP
∎ Ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of the bins and its surroundings.
∎ Use Personal Protective Equipment correctly during handling, carrying and handover of medical waste as per SOP
∎ Incinerate the hazardous waste as per the SOP on HCWM for the Health Facilities of Cox's Bazar district in the assigned location and instrument
∎ Treatment of the anatomical/pathological waste, sharps, incinerator ashes in the assigned pits
∎ Use the manual vial-crusher and store the broken glasses in the assigned pit
∎ Regularly weigh the hazardous waste and document it in the register
∎ Maintain the security and cleanliness of the waste management and processing zone at the UHC.
∎ Clean equipment of the waste zone according to SOP and the work plan with detergent/ chlorine solutions or when required.
∎ Clean the surfaces (broom - mop the floors) according to the work plan with detergent/ chlorine solutions or when required.
∎ Giving advice to the patients and attendants for minimizing the waste and suggesting putting the waste in relevant color-coded bins.
∎ Work in collaboration with other cleaners and health care workers at the UHC
∎ B. Other tasks
∎ Notify and order cleaning materials to the supervisors when needed.
∎ Document and report any damage or faulty equipment to the supervisor.
∎ Responsible for the safeguard of all the items in the workplace during working hours.
∎ Report to waste zone supervisor and UHC management for any needle prick or any incident.

Additional Requirements:
∎ Similar work experience desirable
∎ Good physical condition
∎ Willingness to work in medical environment.

∎ Monthly salary: Each cleaner will get BDT 18,000/- per month.

Job Source: Bdjobs.com Online Job Posting.

Application Deadline: 22 Sep 2023

Company Information:
∎ 8 Sep 2023
∎ E-Zone HRM Limited

Category: Cleaner


Source: bdjobs.com

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